23 août 2013

Ann, slim & Hunter verts menthe

Un joli look à la fois audacieux et discret pour Ann en vacances dans le Vermont. Merci Ann et Randy! A nice look both bold and discreet worn by our friend Ann vacationing in Vermont. Thank you Ann and Randy! PS: it seemed to be hot, and was it cloudy?

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Randy a dit…

@ Arno
it was around 27° during the day and it was partly cloudy and sunny, one day we had some rain in the morning. The pictures with the green pants it was clear and nice.
Ann is laughing all the time about this pic http://4.bp.blogspot.com/-7vJejkLN8SM/UhfHHwdYnTI/AAAAAAAAUwM/VmtAcsyye6A/s1600/2013-08-09_20.09.02.jpg with the older guy, hold the hand on his forehead, like "ohh my good whats that.."

It's great you are back Arno :)

Ann and Randy

al a dit…

look sympa mais la couleur des bottes ne contraste pas assez avec le pantalon

Chris a dit…

Harmonie d'été sympa, des couleurs originales.. merci Ann et Randy !

Anonyme a dit…

Very nice!


simi a dit…

Nice picture. Thanks A&R