10 juin 2013

Carole, South Africa | Why don't we do it in the road ?

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alain a dit…

Magnifique Carole,attention de ne pas te faire tailler un short.

Chris a dit…

Carole toujours au top !!

Anonyme a dit…

Attention aux freins Carole ça risque de sentir le caoutchouc!


Anonyme a dit…

One have to praise - nearly all the photos with Carole! She is like "a star in his passion" (- or "profession"!? But hoping, she's really a lover of wellies and/or rubber-riding-boots on her own taste...).

However: One have to love her - especially since his intelligente and charming face is openly published here in the blog.

So maybe Carole is like a "Queen" for some of us. But (there always "a but" - - - !), but one have never to forget all those girls in the streets, who like to wear their boots (for example the cheaper one like D4) in everyday's life!

Yeah: So to me the most exiting thing is here to see how often other girls spent their days in such boots... (Sometimes it seems like a secret rebellion: Against squareness of "beautyism". And for "girl's power" - last not least for sexual freedom)!

Greetings from Nora - a Girl in D4!

nestorburma_a_870 a dit…

Bonjour à tous
j'ai eu des nouvelles de Pascale .Elle est partie faire du tekking au Maroc et visiter les cités impériales FEZ , MEKNES , etc , etc .J'y serais bien allé avec elle .

Carole a dit…

Carole to All


Carole a dit…

Carole @ a girl in D4.
Thank you.
It is my passion, and not my proffession. Its just me.