04 mars 2013

High age, high cost

Le printemps enfin et soudainement! Mais des shots sans émotion. Bottes de cheval high cost identiques et manteau de fourrure sur le bras, quand le snobisme frise le ridicule. Suddenly spring, and unemotional shots today.

Ci-dessous, ses bdc D4 sont-elles un achat d'aujourd'hui? Has she just purchased her riding boots from Decathlon which is in area?

2 commentaires:

Milex a dit…

you really know what is right for you!

Randy a dit…

nice boots, looks like Burberry. Looks nice but with around 250 USD not the cheap ones.
Ann has one but the older model from Burberry, we have to send you some Pics soon. They are size 39 but a little to large so she don't wear them to often.

Ann & Randy