18 décembre 2012

Blogs de filles #73 | Roni de Budapest


Cinq looks dans le même post, premier "Blog de fille" hongrois, et en plus une fille adorable: voici déjà comment qualifier ce post.
C'est la première fois que je vois une blogueuse présenter tant de looks différents avec pour dénominateur commun des bottes de cheval, des Decathlon, puisque cette firme française possède un magasin à Budapest où vit Roni. Slim vert, robe noire, robe longue, veste en jean, en cuir noir, bonnet, foulard, un vrai défilé et toujours avec le sourire. Mes préférences vont aux deux looks présents dans le teaser ci-dessous.
Roni a accepté rapidement de collaborer avec BDC69, généreusement prête à m'aider pour cet article. Elle m'explique entre autres que ce type de bottes d'équitation extrêmement populaire: "Relativement peu chères, simples, élégantes, efficaces, la moitié des filles de la ville possède ces bdc Decathlon" m'écrit-elle avec malice. C'est une info car aucun blog de mode hongrois  (sauf un site de street style) n'étale cette tendance, contrairement au voisin polonais.
Roni tient en fait "Bikira" avec une autre copine, comme elle fan de mode, de bijoux et de  particulièrement de maquillage: beaucoup de posts étonnants sur des ongles minutieusement peints de dessins artistiques et souvent drôles. Bref un blog créatif, pas morose du tout que j'encourage à visiter. Merci encore et souhaitons voir de nouveau d'autres idées basées sur ces démocratiques bottes Decathlon!
"I checked your site, I think it's so great to have a website dedicated to wellingtons :)"

Photo extraite de l'article "Focus sur les bottes en caoutchouc": http://bikirablog.blogspot.fr/2012/10/fokuszban-gumicsizma.html
Autre article: http://bikirablog.blogspot.hu/2012/11/outfit-szorme-mellennyel.html
Birikablog sur facebook: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Bikira-Blog/134881969942745

"Of course I am not the only girl, here in Budapest.[...]Half of the town has the same pair :D"

Five looks in the same post, the first hungarian "Girl's blog", and in addition a lovely girl: this is already how qualifying this post.
This is the first time I see a blog presenting so many different looks with the common denominator for rubber riding boots, Decathlon brand since the french firm owns a store in Budapest where Roni lives. Skinny green jeans, black dress, long dress, denim jacket, black leather jacket, hat, scarves, a real fashion show and always with the smile. My preferences are both present in the teaser below.
Roni quickly agreed to cooperate with BDC69, even generously willing to help me for this article. She told me among other things that this type of rubber riding boots is extremely popular: "Relatively inexpensive, simple, elegant, half the girls in town owns these Decathlon boots". This is an info because no one hungarian fashion blog (other than a street style site) doesn't display this trend, unlike in neighboring Poland.
In fact Roni manages "Bikira Blog" with another girlfriend who also is fan of fashion, jewelry and makeup especially: a lot of posts about amazing  meticulously and artisticly painted nails , and often funny. In short, a creative blog, not sluggish at all that I would encourage to visit. Thank you again, hopping to discover new ideas based on these such democratic rain boots!

"Relatively cheap and available for everybody. Simple but elegant."

< Teaser     Roni, köszönöm a kellemes együttműködés és gratulálunk a post!

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Anonyme a dit…


arno a dit…

Merci, je l'avais loupé, je le rajoute.
Pour les fans de recherche sur Google le mot clé est "gumicsizma".
Je viens de recevoir un mail de Roni, elle est ravie.

Anonyme a dit…

Bugarest, l'Espagne, des destinations de rêve alors... J'adore ses photos. (même si je préfère quand il y a des zooms sur les bottes, même si ça ne reste que des D4 -voir la "plissure" de la botte, je sais pas mais j'aime bien, de la même façon que certains aiment l'odeur des bottes fumantes de sueur... -berk perso)

Anonyme a dit…

Oh mon dieu, Budapest^^mes excuses. J'ai lu de travers !

Claire a dit…

Super! Roni est effectivement adorable et bien lookée.

Bikira a dit…

i dont understand french at all, but thanks again for the post :) it looks sooo sooo great :)

Anonyme a dit…

Pour Monsieur "Anonyme" (et sa "berk...perso"! Excuse me that I prefer to write in English - but...):

You can't really love this kind of boots, which I prefer nearly in all weathers, without loving - all spects...! 'Cause: These boots are not for "nice girls" or ladys with manners like "pleasing machines"! Especially the cheap D4-boots have also the spirit of being on "the wild side of life". Not at least they are not posh like "Hunters". And so they are made not for square people (means: totally non-sophisticated). I know girls who love and live the D4 with "sueur fumant". So "love it or leave it"... But we are still goin' strong...in Decathlon: Nora - a girl from Germany!

Anonyme a dit…

...uups! I wanna write: "..without loving all ASPECTS...!"
(The "a" was missing). What aspects I mean? Think about - the boots are made of PVC! Like wellies: (Naughty, naughty, oh yes! If people are puzzled or shocked - by the material of the boots -, I enjoy "it" very much): Nora

arno a dit…

Well what are your rubber riding boots & when do you wear them???

Anonyme a dit…

Chère Monsieur Arno,

excusez-moi que je ne sais pas ecrire bien de Francais. Mais j'aime votre blog et j'ai visiter cette jolie world de bdp/bdc* (*comme vous voulez dites ;-!?) chaque semaine...

Eh bien (et...en anglais):
I remember that I once had written something to you (for example: about the "Brand" of my boots!); this was some month ago.
Well, in 2007 I'd started to be "in riding boots" (over and under trousers also and sometimes combined with skirts). It "started" (ironically) with my old pair of Aigle "Start", which I had "in stock" from my riding days (I am not more "in action").

The Aigle "Start" were for month (especially in Autum/Winter) my fouvorite shoes - so in 2008 and the 2 following years. They were smooth, but even warm in winter (but too warm in summer - what I tried to ignore...: but I had to comment, that I was ever very attracted by wellies since my childhood, so it was a little secret, that I'd been fallen "in love" with those type of boots)!

The end of that Aigle-"Start"-Story: The inner line was destroyed because of putting 'em on and out nearly every day... I tried to manage the whole thing with some "tricks". But in 2010 I was for holidays near Bremerhaven and there I found a "Decathlon"-shop. The result was a new pair of such (called by you shortly) D4! And so my "wellies-mad-"fashion-ideas went on: now with those D4-boots. OK: They are much simpler than the nice Aigle-"Start"-model. But I even like their "flair" (means: the "cheap, simple and a bit rough"-flair). They matches very well with my prefered style of clothes in black, blue (Jeans) or grey.
And to answer your question: I prefer to wear the D4 nearly every day - except situations on more elegant ideas or even rules: like elegant garden-partys, visiting fine restaurants for dinner or other cultural or social activities (not at least - because to me, it's just an other kind of "squarness" if you disturb other people just because an "egomania-trip" in your shoe-style). But especially for casual situations, for going to university, spending time in bookshops, on flea-markets and so on, I prefer my D4-boots (also on warm and sunny days).

To sum it up: I got a lot of ideas from your marvellous blog - and when I'm visiting your sides, a lot of other young girls presented how popular this style is still in Paris, Spain and in some towns of Poland.
So I have to declare: it all encourages me! It's helpfull - because in Germany the bdp/bdc-trend is quite seldom...yes, a rarity (maybe because a lot of girls are so "square" like her parents and/or not "allowed" to wear PVC-or Rubberboots, being so "afraid" (typical-teutonic!), afraid of becoming an "outlaw-image" or just "afraid" of the non-breathing material of such boots (maybe: they're even "afraid", that the police would come around to controll how sweaty their socks will be...and then they got a punishment...;-)!?

You see, Arno: such "problems" are not mine...and because of my home-base in Berlin since some years I often have the opportunity to see a lot of female tourists here in bdp/bdc (the majority is, I talked by accident to some of them, from Spain or the US).
Now, take this detailed answering as a big "Thankyou" - for all the years you worked out your stylish and fine blog (by the way: also to encourage young women like me): Yours Nora*

* - But last not least: I'm quite shy and don't like to see my face in internet elsewhere...So I'm even not on "facebook", strictly thinking I will run a better life in passion - without this kind of a "being in"-obsession...;-)!