06 juin 2012

Street shots de Grzegorz #244 | Varsovie 21°

Deux couples savourant le printemps de Varsovie: soleil & 21°. Merci à G pour cette rencontre inattendue.On a rarement vu les rues de Varsovie sous cet aspect.  Two couples enjoying the springtime in Warsaw: sun & 21 °. Thank you to G for this unexpected encounter.

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Anonyme a dit…

Yeah! That's it: Thanks a lot - to Grzegorz and to all "hip" girls in Varsovie! 'Cause I prefer most of all - this kind of "natural" and "not posing" streetphotos...

One can see: life and times - are changing allways (in all ways...): and HURRAH! for all lovers of wellies and rubber-ridingboots, notwithstanding they are of PVC or real rubber.

No questions: I am shure and happy about, that ne and thousand of other girls in Europe are loving the smart and low-cost-style of the "Decatholon"-boots! Now here, thanks to the "ever-keen" Grzegorz, one can see a also "Decatholon"-loving girl on the street "in action", I mean the red-haired - and what's really important: No rain, sunshine and warm temperature - same condition, I like also to wear my PVC-ridingboots! And what's more: Please folks, have a look to the second pic of the sweet red-haired-women - how "well worn" the "Decatholons" are...and one can imagine, how many times she enjoyed to wear her boots...Obviously: she loves it! And I do it - same way...,

Best Greetings: Nora

Anonyme a dit…

Uups - sorry (see above), because the right spelling is "Decathlon"! Can't looking under my boots on - while writing... (But now, I had pull them out - - - uups, encore).
The other mistake (above) - it has to be: "...that SHE and thousands of other girls..."!

All the best: Nora (once again: in "Decathlon")!

arno a dit…

Thanks for your words Nora. I guess you are a girl; right? I am sure you have Decathlon riding boots!
Do you wear them a lot? Where are you from? Is it raining there?

Anonyme a dit…

Yes, you're right, Monsieur Arno!

First fo all: Je suis enchanté avec ton superbe blog!!! I'm living in Germany, Berlin - but my boots from "Decathlon" I bought in Paris, last year in June... I have seen already some girls with the same boots here, notwithstanding there's no "Decathlon"-shop in Berlin...and in this town you can only seldom see this kind of style. But: doesn't matter, 'cause I love the style, the spirit - not at least, - there's definitly no "squarness" at all: if you make this "fashion statement"!

By the way - in "rrb": The years before, I prefered "Aigle Start", loved it very much, but after three years they were - quite worn out. (Especially the inner lining and sole...).

But now: "I go for simplicity" - and this is why I like D4 - and I like also the sometimes "shocked" looks of people at me, especially in summer, yes, it's a "hot style" in true sense of the words, but this is the thing - "that kicks" me...!

At last - "sorry" again: for being such a "wellies girl"...!
But now you are in the know, that it's not only for "bad weater", it's my footwear the year round, hope, that possibly - you are not shocked too about!

Yours "BDC69-blog-loving",

arno a dit…

Merci Nora pour tes longues réponses. Funny indeed that you purchased your D4 in Paris! I knew there is no Decathlon in Berlin, there are some in Warsaw, Bucarest, Genoa, Bilbao or Rio but not in Germany!
It was not to hard to go from Aigle Start to Decathlon boots? I newer wore some D4.
I am happy to read that there are a few welly girls! It's strange that this trend has never really existed in Germany. People are really looking weird at you? Maybe when you wear them in summer.
Do you really wear them all year? What do your boyfriend/husband/parents think (I ignore your age!)?
For instance have you been in D4 today?
Gruss & Kuss